Tortures of tight corsets

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Dear Sir, – Can any reader tell me the secret of “Complete Comfort,” claimed by Tiny Waisters of only a few months training?
I have been laced from childhood but I would never go so far as to pretend that I am ever comfortable; yet I delight in my figure and consider the sensation of being tightly laced, and the appearance of my tiny waist, amply repay me for the discomfort, and limited sphere of exercise.
For any misdemeanour, Mother punished us all by corset wearing, or the imposition of tighter corsets and used a screwing-in device on my sisters and I which often made me want to shriek with fright, so small did it reduce med. She had herself a sixteen inch waist which she never relaxed and slept even smaller at night, my two elder sisters could support a day measurement of eighteen, whilst I who am more slightly build have always been laced to sixteen. I have even seen one of my young brothers reduced to nineteen inches in two months, for telling fibs about me.
The secret of reduction is the night corset, which is slept in inches smaller than can be maintained all day, and the use of a screwing-in belt which the unfortunate wearer has to “pretend” to sleep in once a week, and use always for lacing corsets.
I shall never forget my 21st birthday when Mother promised me a piano I longed for, if I could go to the dance given in my honour wearing a certain evening frock of hers. It was of velvet in the Princess style – moulding the hips, waist and breasts if the wearer as in a glove, and was made to fit over a 15½ inch waist – high back and front to hide the very high corsets we had to wear, but sleeveless and without shoulder straps. By my own request I was trained most cruelly for two months prior to the day in old fashioned spoon busked corsets of unbelievable stiffness, gradually reducing my waist until the night before I slept (or tried to sleep) with my waist encased to 14½ inches. I was released a little the next afternoon and was able to wear the gown and win my piano, but I will never submit to such lacing again. A firmly laced corset is an enjoyment, tightly laced a thrill, but a little more… and it’s damnable.
Yours Ever,

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