Maids in uniform

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Dear Sir, – The contributions of “Smart Service” and “Victorian” to your readers page should be a distinct inducement to girls who fight shy of domestic service. May the experience of a maid who is happily employed by a most considerate mistress be permitted please. Some four years ago I was chosen from a batch of fifteen applicants for the post of parlour maid. My employer intimated that she would be responsible for my uniform, and, providing I gave satisfaction, my ordinary clothes also. She was pleased that I had not followed the fashion and discarded my corsets, although I did not tight lace.
I willingly agreed to do so, as my mistress a keen advocate of figure culture herself liked her maids smartly laced in also. I was quickly fitted with a pair of the real old fashioned whalebone stays supplied by an old established London firm, and my mistress personally saw that I was laced in a as tightly as possible and the frequent reductions were made in my waist measurement. My duties were exceptional light, and it seemed that my employer considered my appearance of more importance than my work.
I have never been made to feel out of the fashion. My ordinary clothes have been always smart whilst the length and shape of my uniform dresses have constantly been brought up to date. At present the black satin dress I wear a uniform is just knee length. I am allowed silk stockings, and my smart shoes have four inch heels. I am not bad looking but for receiving visitors and waiting at table, I have to be well painted and carefully made up. On many “At Home” occasions I have received some nice compliments on my appearance, as at these times I am laced in extra tightly, and being lucky enough to posses a well rounded figure, my skin tight dress, and carefully tied apron strings make the most of every curve. I should love to hear the experiences of other tightly laced maids.
Yours Truly

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