Do men admire the modern girl?

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Dear Sir, – I am afraid that your correspondent Evelyn March will have some difficulty in gathering the information she requires regarding small waists. I very much doubt the existence of real wasp waists such as were fashionable in my young days. I have often wondered after reading the letters on tight lacing if our men folk really admire the modern budding Lenglen, with her thick ankles and calves, her brawny arms, etc., or the occupant of the “flapper bracket” of a motor cycle, who makes no bones about providing the public with a display of even the most intimate of feminine garments, as she clings to the young blood who is doing his best to put up new speed records.
I fancy that in their innermost hearts our menfolk still have a soft spot for the dainty frilled and flounced maiden, who, mounted on a chair or stool, begged her male companion to save her from the villainy of a mouse, or spider. And, I suppose no man would object to lending his strong arm to a pretty girl whose stays were laced until her waist was a mere few inches round, and her heels so high that the support of her escort’s arm was essential.
My husband has often said the he thoroughly enjoyed the dances of 30 years ago, when one’s partner was a dainty bundle of swishing silk flounces with her pretty face well painted, and tiny hands clad in the tightest of white kid gloves, whilst she danced prettily on the highest heels.
In those days no girl dreamt of going to a dance without first being laced in to her smallest size and a fond mother anxious for her girl to look her best, would often lace her waist in until she fainted, and yet these girls grew up, married, and became the mothers of the fine boys who kept us safe during the late war.
Yours faithfully.

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