Rewarded for Tight-Lacing

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Dear Sir, – My experience in the matter of corsetting may be of some interest to your readers. Nearly six years ago I replied to a advertisement for a “personal maid, tall and naturally slim,” After I was engaged, my employers intimated that she also supplied my wardrobe, as she required her own maid to be dressed smartly.
Asked my waist size, I replied it was twenty-two inches. “Over your corsets?” I said that I was slender and had not bothered about corsetting, but would wear corsets if required. My employer then said she would place me in the hands of a good corsetiere who would trim my figure properly. For the first month I was put into a pair of twenty-one inch corsets, just to, as the corsetiere said, habituate me to their use.
After that period, I was introduced to my first small-waisted corset, quite a short affair, which, while quite easy both above and below my waist, reduced that measurement to nineteen inches.
During the next four months my waist was reduced to seventeen inches. All this time I was wearing different and quite short corsets. Then one day my employer, with whom I was on excellent terms said it was time to complete my training. On my next visit to the corsetiere I was supplied with corsets which kept my waist to seventeen inches, but these were much higher and longer, and when they were laced in I found I had a real hour-glass waist – a perfect taper from underneath my arms.
Although a little uncomfortable in their grip at first, this soon wore off, and it was a pleasure to have those corsets on. My waist was then reduced another inch, to sixteen inches, which greatly improved my figure. This completed my training, and now I was to have my reward. My next corset was of black satin beautifully trimmed. With this I was taken to a dressmaker and carefully measured for my new dress and underwear.
Shortly afterwards they came, and I dressed for the first time in my new dress all in black. Black satin corsets, black silk pettis, cami and knicks and all other undies, stockings and garters, black four-inch heeled shoes, and over all a black silk figure-fitting dress which flared out below my hips and rustled whenever I moved. I have worn this uniform ever since, and am very proud of my waist, which is seventeen inches over my dress.
With best wishes,
W. M.

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