Are feminine fashions injurious

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Dear Sir, – Much good ink has been spilled from time to time in condemning those delightful articles of feminine wear-viz.: high heels, corsets, garters and gloves. For our so-called vanity we must suffer the penalty of indigestion for wearing tight corsets: various veins are the result of tight garters and high heels: whilst poor circulation attacks us for donning tight gloves.
We offenders still live however, and I for one can honestly say that my health has in no way been impaired by my indulging in the above “follies.” I am sure that my mother (still hale and hearty at sixty-eight) would never have introduced me to these things had she thought that ill would result.
I have always worn garters which, if not worn for decoration, must be tight to hold one’s stockings taut; and even as a small girl of eight or nine, I remember wearing a tight waist-belt and smart little shoes, whilst I felt quite smart in tight little kid gloves. At twelve I was quite used to very stiffly boned stays, mother coming to my room each morning to remove my sleeping-belt and substituting my day stays, in which she always laced me as tightly as she could. She was most particular with my stockings, seeing that they were tightly pulled up and my garters as tight as possible.
At fifteen I wore high heels and long tight gloves. I have been happily married for fifteen years, and have one daughter, whom my husband wished to be trained in the same manner as I was. At fourteen, she has received many compliments on her appearance, and one lady in particular, who happened to call whilst I was preparing my girl for a party, expressed her pleasant surprise as she watched me tight-lace Doris in her new stays, and was further surprised when she saw how very tiny I had succeeded in lacing her waist in. The tight little shoes, with 3in. heels, and dainty silk stockings, evoked my friend’s admiration; and the white kid gloves, fitting without a cease, helped to improve my daughter’s appearance.
When I put on the tight little bodice, my friend remarked how admirably it revealed that Doris was tightly laced. It only remained for me to adjust her stockings and garters, the latter being of the adjustable variety, and both pretty and useful. Having got the stockings taut, I pulled the garters as tightly as possible. My friend then suggested that by lying down and relaxing the muscles one could wear garters much tighter, as she herself had proved. So I myself tested this plan, my fiend pulling, and sure enough, one hole tighter was achieved. I quickly tightened Doris’ garters in the same manner, and she said that her stockings felt more secure.
Yours faithfully,

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