Advantages of Corsets

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Sir, – I am not yet amongst the ancients, yet I have had over twenty years experience of corsets and corseting; perhaps my views may be of some help to modern girls. 1905 marked the beginning of the last phase of the last tightlacing period; and it was in that year, when I was fifteen, that I was introduced to my first corset. Svelte figures were the rule then, I had my full share of feminine vanity and wished to be smart.
So between 1905 and 1910 I tightened myself up very considerably; by 1910 I was an expert tightlacer and felt no ill effects from the practise. For the next few years there was not so much lacing but I took care to have myself carefully corsetted. After 1917 a reaction set in against even the mild lacing and very easy corsets became the rule. This fashion too I followed, only to find an increasing tendency to discard corset altogether. In 1922 I put my corset off for, as I thought, the last time, being fully resolved to give the new corsetless ideas a fair trial.
But since autumn 1925, I have reverted back to corsets. Why? The anti-corset people will probably say that after fifteen years of lacing I could not do without support. But I did, for three years. The unkind might think that the years have brought an excess of avoirdupois making a corset necessary. I am however, still slender.
The reason is that after an extension trial of non-corsetting, corsetting and tight-lacing, I have found a corset to be necessary both for comfort and convenience. A properly fitted corset is better than all the brassieres yes made for the slight figure.
Again as an hose supporter, the corset is supreme. If gartering above the knee is resorted to the garter has to be excessively tight to do its work. Suspender belts are to say the least, uncomfortable, whereas with a corset, stockings are properly held and a garter can then be pretty accessory. For these and other reasons I have reverted to corsets, but not to tight-lacing. I have my corsets made to measure, and lace only sufficiently so to be and feel agreeably supported. I find in practise that with my laces four inches open at the back my corsets can be clasped without any effort. Then I pull the laces close from top to bottom and find that I am neither sloppily stayed nor on the other hand am I unduly twitched in. I always lace close, there being to my mind nothing so slovenly as a corset gaping at the back, not to mention the discomfort incurred particular when seated.
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