The Lure of Jewels

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Dear Sir, – May I, through your popular columns echo the plaint of a large jewellery manufacturer who, writing to the “Weekly Despatch,” complained that women nowadays were wearing either an artificial string of pearls or some wooden beads, instead of the large amount of real gems they wore years ago, thereby ruining the jewellery industry.
Years ago, before a lady prepared for some special function, she carefully studied the best way of drawing attention to all her good points. If she had pretty ears, she had her hair drawn tightly to her crown of her head and dressed in a tower of coils, thus leaving her ears fully exposed. Jewelled studs or rings were then fitted.
A wide jewelled collar next drew attention to her long graceful neck. The shaping of her figure followed, this probably being her best point. She would instruct her maid to tight-lace her until her waist was pinched in to her very limit of endurance. After her long trailing gown had been fitted the maid would clasp a gem-encrusted belt round her mistress’s waist and later as the brilliant lights of the ballroom were reflected in the belt, the wearer would, with pleasure, often overhear such remarks as, “What wonderful waist.” or “How beautiful corseted.” or “How perfectly laced-in.” and so on.
On sitting down, one’s eyes would be attracted to my lady’s tiny feet shod in needle-pointed shoes with six-inch heels, with lights flashing from the jewelled buckles; and last, but not least, the lucky partner of the lady would feast his eyes on a pair of slim arms and hands, the former weighted with jewelled bracelets and bangles, and the latter literally a-fire each dainty finger bearing four or five sparkling rings.
I must confess that I, myself am rather afraid of public opinion, and hide my good points somewhat severely; but in the privacy of my home, with only my husband or a few intimate friends present, I let myself go and wear an enormous amount of jewellery, including a valuable belt whcih is so small that I have to be tight-laced until my waist is numb; but the appreciation I receive from my acquaintances amply repays me for any slight discomfort I experience from my pinching corsets and tiny pointed shoes.
Yours sincerely,

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