A cure for Stooping

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Dear Sir, – I noticed a letter from a “London Life” reader in last week’s issue dealing with corsets for men. I do not see why a gentleman should not adopt stays as a means of retaining his figure. When once they have become used to the wearing of corsets it is generally found that much benefit is derived from them.
I have several gentlemen friends who, on my advice took to the wearing of stays, and not one has regretted it. There is no necessity to lace tightly, but have the corset fairly stiff, and ti will be found that the figure retains a graceful curve which is much desired in the present-day fashion for men.
For men I advise the short-busk model with long hips and well-boned back and front, with good stiff whalebone.
I am a widow with one son (eleven years) and twin daughters (fifteen years.) Both my daughters wear tight-fitting stays and have delightful figures. They also wear very high heels and flounce dresses. I have never had any difficulty in making them wear long tight stays; in fact, they always request me to lace them as tight as possible whenever they are being dressed to go out anywhere.
My son is apt to stoop, so I decided to corset him the same as the girls. The improvement in his walk has been wonderful since I put him into stays.
I intend to keep this up, as I wish him to have a graceful upright figure when he grows up. I am never tired of admiring my son’s and daughter’s walking, especially when they are out walking, as on these occasions I fit them into extra stiff stays which compel them to remain perfectly erect.
This letter may possibly interest other readers.
Yours faithfully,
M. W.

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