The Hourglass Waist

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir. – Will you, with your well-known courtesy, permit a short letter in reply to several correspondents who have expressed doubts as to the existence nowadays of a real hour-glass waist. Undoubtedly, trim figures do exist, but are disguised under the shapeless modern dresses.
Five years ago, when my sister and I were fifteen and sixteen respectively, we met a girl our own age whilst holidaying at Margate. She was very pretty and fearfully smart with her high heels, earrings and made-up face, and her lovely figure. Being of an age when the average girl is sensitive of her appearance we felt awfully dowdy in comparison, our 20 in. waists appearing as thick as a tree against the tiny waist of our companion: and our flat heels and rather pale faces added to our discomfort. We were rather chary of mentioning our desires on our return home, but contrary to our expectations, mother expressed her keen approval of our decision to tight-lace and generally improve our appearance.
She agreed to high heels and earrings, and said that as we were naturally pale we ought to be properly painted and made-up. Hoping that our decision was not just a fad, mother went to some expense in purchasing dainty shoes and expensive corsets. We were serious, however, and experiencing very little discomfort were encouraged to persevere. Mother desired, and we agreed, that we should be dressed in such a manner as to distinctly show that we were tightly laced. We have never regretted tight-lacing, and our respective fiancées are never tired of urging us to make our waists still smaller and our heels higher.
Yours truly,