The delightful modern girl

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Dear Sir. – I was very pleased to see that two correspondents had the courage to express their opinion of the remarkable letter sent you by “Tightness for Smartness.” In these enlightened days it is difficult to understand such views, and yet there are undoubtedly numbers of women who honestly believe that tight-lacing is essential to their well-being, and especially to their growing daughters.
I personally am acquainted with a lady who apart from her unshakeable belief in the necessity for tight-lacing, is altogether charming. She is tall, handsome, and always beautifully turned out but her appearance is completely ruined by her fearful waist, which her maid is constantly being called upon to squeeze in smaller and smaller.
This lady has two daughters, lovely blondes of 16 and 17. Both girls are, and have been extremely tightly laced in for years, with the result that their appearance is somewhat ludicrous as in other respects they are very modern.
They are both closely Eton Cropped, and being still in the “flapper” stage their skirts barely cover the tops of their stockings. Sleeveless low cut frocks, earrings, really vary high heels, and well painted faces, make them up to date to a degree, but one gets rather a shock on suddenly noting their minute waists.
In conclusion my humble opinion is that nothing more delightful than the modern girl has happened, and to see a bevy of them in a ballroom, shingled and perfumed, their pretty faces properly painted, and wearing fairylike frocks which reveal every curve of their charming figures, is a sight which makes one yearn to be young again.

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