High Heeled Hilda

Published on Author Corset Manager

The heels are high on Hilda’s shoes.
She always knows which sort to choose
To show her small and dainty feet,
When tripping lightly down the street.

From childhood’s days she’s had ideals
To wear the very highest heels –
The ones which make it hard to walk,
But make the other women talk.

Her mother’s helped her great desire,
Every year to wear them higher,
Not all at once – gentle rise –
Just half an inch a year she tries.

From her early schoolgirl days
She’s followed this delightful craze.
So now she has a graceful pose
And walks so sweetly on her toes.

And when she reaches sweet sixteen
In four-inch heels she’s always seen,
But still she means to persevere
And add a little every year.

And in the end she goes to buy
Some shoes with heels five inch high.
No higher can she find although
She searches for them high and low.

But still she’s fairly satisfied,
Though higher ones she would have tried
And in the future means to choose
Slim five-inch heels on all her shoes.

And flappers look with envious glance
To think how they’d enjoy the chance
If they were allowed to try
Shoes with heels so very high.

She’s much admired where ever she goes
Perched up upon her tiny toes,
Heels of such unusual height
Cause her most intense delight.