A wasp waist enthusiast

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, – Very many thanks for the wonderful photograph of the wasp waisted South African young lady, which appeared in the splendid Autumn Album of “London Life.” I wonder how many of your readers, on looking at this photography noticed that the young lady was wearing enormously high heels. The shadow of these heels thrown by the sun, shows that they are quite six inches high. The photo was doubly interesting to mother and myself as, let me confess it, we are both old fashioned enough to be devotees of closely laced corsets and ultra high heels.
I may say with truth that the wearing of tight corsets is almost natural to me. I do not remember ever having seen mother other than very tightly laced and when at twelve years of age, she fitted me with some really strongly boned corsets, I was quite content to regard them as essential to my toilette. I was not properly laced in for years, so that I might become accustomed to my new stays, but on my thirteenth birthday mother put me into new corsets and told me that she would henceforth lace me in as tightly as possible. In order to reduce my waist as quickly as possible, I wore sleeping corsets laced nearly as tightly as these I wore during the day.
Rebellion against such tight corset never entered my head, rather did I take a keen interest in my appearance, and to this I attribute my immunity from the fell diseases which are supposed to attack tight lacers. Each morning mother came to my room and removing my night corsets I stood in front of a long mirror whilst she laced me in for the day.
As regards high heels, I have worn them regularly from the age of fourteen, commencing with 1½ inch heels. At the moment of writing I am wearing black patent, one strap shoes, with very pointed toes, and five inch heels. My waist belt is sixteen inches, but is hidden under a modern frock.
Mother sits knitting, and looks charming with her erect tightly corseted figure and four inch heels. We send out very best wishes for the success of the “New London Life” and we are sure that all good London Lifers will rally round and not fail to produce the sixpence weekly.
Yours very truly,