Dressing for a Girl’s Party

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, – In a recent number you asked your correspondents to be a little novel in the New Year, so perhaps a short account of a novel party we had about Christmas time may be of interest to you.
To begin with there were to be only girls there, as we felt that gave us more freedom in dress and games. Our hostess having sent the maids out for the day she said that the girls who had arrived in the lowest heels should be made to wait on us for the evening. This having been agreed to, heels were soon measured and four girls were picked out, though the lowest heels were three inches which shows that we all knew the right way to dress our understandings.
Our hostess, having a fine set of clothes etc., we soon had these girls turned out as neatly as smart maids should be. Firstly they were tightly corsetted so as to show a good figure. Then very fully skirted over black crepe-de-Chine cami-knickers, tight fitting sleeveless black satin blouses with very high stiff collars, and of course a white lace cap each.
Very thin long black stockings pulled very tight covered their legs, and long tight fitting black kid gloves covered their arms without a wrinkle to the shoulders.
Round each waist we then drew as tightly as our combined efforts would allow, very stiff patent leather belts about three inches wide, fastening them with large plated buckles.
Finally their feet were encased in beautiful black patent shoes, with the highest and narrowest of heels.
Four more attractive maids you never saw and I secretly made up my mind to come in low heels next time, so as to be dressed the same.
That done we paired off to go and help each other put on, or take off what we wanted to for the evening.
Finding myself with another girl alone in one of our friend’s bedrooms we had soon helped each other out of our outdoor things and decided how we would dress. We found that we were both partial to tight-lacing and she had brought with her a pair of the prettiest corsets I have seen for a long time. In pink silk tricot trimmed with lace, they had no fastening in front, but had to be unlaced and then laced up when on. They were very lightly boned and held up by shoulder straps, and of course held down by four pairs of suspenders to very thin pink silk stockings to match.
I had soon laced her in, and found that when drawn tightly she had the most beautiful tapering figure I had ever seen.
In my turn I was then laced into my tight green corsets, making my waist about eighteen inches.
My little friend then said that except for some pink satin shoes trimmed with ostrich feathers and very high heels, a pair of thin crepe-de-Chine knickers with lovely lace hems which she had donned under her corsets, and some pearls around her lovely neck, she would wear nothing else.
I thought this rather daring even for a girls party and personally put on some light green cami-knickers trimmed with silver lace, and put on my new green kid shoes with silver trimmings and high tapering silver heels. These with stockings and of course some jewellery completed my toilette, and I must say, looking at ourselves in the glass, we were so pleased that we could not help congratulating each other on our dainty appearance.
But this is getting too long. I meant to tell you of our games which were such fun, but I fear Mr. Editor must have had enough. Before stopping however, I should say in answer to several recent enquiries, that ready made shoes with any heel height can be obtained from several London shops whose addresses I will send you if required.
Yours truly,