The Blessings of Modern Dress

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir,- As a regular reader of “London Life” I should like to air one or two opinions regarding various correspondence which appear in your pages from time to time relating to the fashions of the fair sex.
It appears that there are many people still existent in these enlightened times who would deprive the modern girl of her freedom, judging by the number of writers to your journal who still advocate the wearing of tight corsets and stilt heels – I, being a “mere male”, am probably not fitted to judge what women can wear and what they can’t wear, but as one who is over forty I can say that the passing out of the “wasp-waist” fashion was a boon and a blessing to all.
There are, no doubt, many who can recall the “hour-glass” figure, and the trouble that was taken to obtain same.
Women took hours to dress then, whereas now it’s a matter of as many minutes. Assistance (either male or female) was nearly always required when it came to the fitting of the stays.
Much time was wasted because Miss So and So could not do her frock up as she had not been laced tightly enough.
Very different now. One has only to mention the word “dance” or “theatre” and the girl is ready to go.
After all, it’s a change for the better, and I think the present day working girl would find it awkward to go about her job wearing “hour-glass” stays with steel and whalebone here and there.
Both my sisters were tight-laced as girls, much against their will, but my mother insisted on them wearing long stiff corsets on all occasions.
I wonder, when I look back a few years, how they managed to enjoy life at all. For dancing purposes they were always frilled with three or four lace petticoats, and generally wore long black kid gloves which had to be greased inside before they could get them on. Hairdressing took up to at least an hour.
My elder sister was once laced in so tight for a dance that she had to require her partner to pick up her fan when she dropped it, as her corsets would nor permit any bending or stooping. On another occasion my younger sister’s corsets split whilst we were at a theatre and she was compelled to retire for the rest of the evening.
I don’t think the present woman would put up with this sort of thing, and there is not much doubt that the present fashion has come to stay – much to the benefit of everybody.
Yours truly.