Miss Hildago

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, – I do hope you don’t think I write too often, but your correspondence columns contain so much that is interesting that I am always feeling that I must butt in.
Now what about “F. M. C.” who condemns the wearing of corsets?
“Let’s be natural,” she says, yet to carry this to its logical conclusion, we should be dressed in nature’s garb.
Somehow, I feel that if the fashions tomorrow decreed a small waist, and well-fitting corset, many of those now decrying them would be the first to adopt them, and then where would they be? Some of us, more up to date outwardly in our short skirts and low backed dresses wear underneath tightly laced corsets. We don’t do this for show but because we enjoy it, and when fashions alter, as they surely are doing, we shall have the pull (in more sense than one) on our anti-corset friends.
Through Miss Hildago’s experiences are rather severe, such severity is not at all necessary. If I were rich enough I should always employ a lady’s maid who was an expert corsetiere. She herself would always wear the best of stays and, like my own, especially ,ade for her. This they must be.
One of her principle duties then would be to attend to my figure, nothing is so nice to experience as proper lacing and adjustment of corsets by an expert.
With present fashion, I do have my corsets heavily boned, delightful creations can be made of silk tricot etc. These I have very long, no fastening in front but made to slip over and are tightly fastened by at least three pairs of suspenders to long silk stockings and then pulled tightly over the shoulders by strong, neat satin shoulder straps.
Not being able to afford a maid, I get a friend to lace me up whenever possible and any one will find that if properly made, adjusted and laced up a beautiful figure can be obtained like this.
I have stiff corsets and often wear these, when in, in the evening, or to sleep in because I like them and because by them my waist is always kept in best trim.
As for stretching whilst the corsets are being adjusted, there is no cruelty in this. It is far and away the most comfortable way of doing them up and I recommend any one intent on small waist culture to have a bar high up in the wall, or better still, a settee with rings or a bar at each end to which feet and hands can be attached (the ankles need to be fastened and the pull done by hands) when they will find that far from being cruel this is a most comfortable and fascinating way of being properly laced in.
Yours sincerely,