Tortures of Tight Waist Training

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Mr. Editor, – Correspondents in your splendid paper are continuously advocating a return to Victorian fashions and the hour-glass waist.
While I admire a trim figure and keep one myself, I cannot think that anyone would voluntarily suffer as we used to prior to 1914 in our endeavour to keep an 18 inch waist, or less if we could, by way of outshining our rivals.
I can well remember the gradual tightening and stiffening of my corset when my figure was “taken in hand” at the age of fifteen years. My last year at school was devoted to it, and my waist was gradually reduced and I had to say good-bye to my “Tom-Boy” days, and accept a ladylike deportment out of sheer necessity.
Perhaps mine was an extreme case, for at one time I was made to go to bed and endeavour to sleep in a 14 inch corset, laced until it met at the back, but if girls would only realise the awful discomfort of being laced continuously day and night for years, to a minimum of about 16 – 17 inches, they would agree with me that it is not worth it.
Wishing you every success and assuring you that a little tight lacing is a tonic for my soul. Yours truly,