Girls, cultivate a waist

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, -Like your correspondent “E. L.” I too am a typist and I also go in for tight fitting corsets. Until a year ago for the office I always wore straight up-and-down frocks which hid my trim little 17 inch waist.
One day, however, my employer caught sight of me with my hand resting on my waist. The secret was out. He told me he had suspected me for a long time of having a “waist” and he confessed to me that he was heartily tired of seeing shapeless figures all around him and finally he begged of me to wear frocks for the office which would reveal rather than conceal my well corsetted figure.
To this I regularly agreed and now over my tightly laced stays I wear sometimes a shaped frock of satin, and sometimes and excessively tight-fitting, low cut silk jumper which clings well to the figure.
Further, I wear a tight skirt ending at my knees above which I always wear a dainty pair of garters, silk stockings and the daintiest glace kid strap shoes with slender 4 inch French heels complete my rig out for the office.
My employer is delighted with my chic appearance and is not averse to “make-up” which I love.
Being a keen tight-lacer I love the grip of a really tight, well boned corset reaching from bust to thigh, and laced to tightly that I have almost to gasp for breath.
“Painful,” your reader will say, Perhaps, but none the less pleasurable especially if it wins whole-hearted admiration from the majority of men folk – which it undoubtedly does – and especially from the man I love, my employer, for we are engaged to be married shortly.
Girls, take a tip from me. If you want to attract attention and excite admiration, cultivate a waist and be “different”.
Yours Sincerely,