Once a tight-lacer always a tight-lacer

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, -“Once a tight-lacer, always a tight-lacer” was the very true remark of a correspondent recently. “Just for fun” my friend persuaded me to allow her to tighten my corsets on evening. Her mother flattered my vanity (I was 28 at the time), by assuring me that with my curves, my figure was positively made for corsets, and I permitted my friend to tighten my waist from its usual size of 22 inches to 20 inches.
It is a fact that next morning, on again donning my corsets, they somehow felt different and almost unconsciously I tightened my laces.
My friend and her mother quickly observed that I had not let my waist “go” again, and remarking that they were sure that my waist would “pinch in beautifully” persuaded me to visit their corsetiere, a lady who praised my figure and flattered me generally.
My friends were constantly drawing my attention to their own small waisted figures, until I began to read a challenge in their actions, resulting in my attending the corsetiere’s much more frequently. This lady was only too pleased to help me in training my figure, and at once started a course of the very tightest lacing. I can but add that the certain young man, who fell in love with my tiny waist, swears that if ever I let my waist out, lower my heels, or cease to wear jewellery, he will get a separation order.
Yours truly,