Tight Lacer’s son who won the war

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Mr. Editor, -Seeing that your paper is so largely read by men and women interested in tight lacing, I cannot understand who you so frequently add little postscripts of your own on the evils of the practice. Surely you will need no telling that the War was won by the sons and daughters of extremely tightly laced mothers. Where then was the disease and puny physical standard to which you refer?
Circumstances alter cases, you know, and when I was a girl we were so tightly laced that we were dare not exert ourselves much, and provided we obeyed that rule we were able to keep our waists to 14 inches without suffering any evil consequences. Modern girls with their lack of restriction would do well to follow my daughter’s methods of a certain amount of tight lacing, and a certain amount of sport in the right sort of corsets. Thus they are able to have a good time and keep a trim and admirable figure into the bargain.
Both are happily married to husbands who fell at first more to their physical attractions than anything else, for what man (or woman for that matter) can help feeling thrilled by a beautifully curved feminine figure gracefully handling a billiard cue, or riding a horse?
For myself I have never suffered any ill from the most extreme tight lacing, although I will not say that I am always enjoying the utmost comfort, but so long as I exercise a careful choice in corsets and its relation to my occupation at the moment, I am able to experience the thrill of a tightly laced waist without regret.
Your readers may be glad to know that extremely high heels make a tight waist easier to bear, and that a night corset laced smaller than the day time measurement, makes for a greater comfort during the day through still tightly laced. I once went to a ball laced to 12 ½ inches (the smallest I ever attained) and put the fact, that I was as comfortable as I laced to my habitual 14 inches down to having worn an Australian belt for two days and nights previously.
Your well-wisher
Tiny II