Do Men Admire Small Waists?

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, – Your correspondents who advocate tight lacing cannot be taken seriously. If so they must have a poor opinion of the usual common-sense, everyday man. No doubt a small waist sets off a costume, but as an accelerator of better health, that is all rubbish. Why do our physicians and doctors continually point out the great evil of tight lacing? Surely they must be in a position to judge.
As to sleeping in corsets, that strikes one as being slovenly, let alone unhealthy; for when one sleeps one requires to be in a natural position, so as to give the whole system an opportunity of performing its natural tasks.
Possibly boys and men of uncertain years admire small waists, but a man of common sense – Never!
Then again, “Wasp Waist” describes tight-lacing as an agreeable sensation; when, if she only reads the papers in warm weather, she will read of the cases where women fall into a fit through this idiotic craze.
In conclusion, let me say that a woman enhances her appearance by a waist proportionate to her frame, but a fifteen-inch waist, oh, horror of horrors!
Yours sincerely,
F. T. N.