“To your own self be true.”

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, – May I, as a mere man, express my indignation over Marie Hildago’s letter in a recent issue.
In the first place, is it natural for a young lady to go through torture, as it must be, to submit to the process of having herself stretched so that she can be laced in tighter, go to bed in thumb screws, boots, stockings and gloves filled with cold cream.
Medical science tells us that natural sleep is the greatest tonic of all, and the present day doctors tell us that even the corsets of today are most harmful to the body, yet Miss Hildago tries to tell us that by having her waist pulled into fourteen inches she is able to sleep fine.
I appeal to your readers, which is the more natural? The girl who swings along free from tight-lacing, a smile on her face, and with the bloom of health on her cheeks, or the girl who walks along looking unnatural. Every step she takes is painful to behold, and looks as if she is clothed in a straight jacket.
For goodness sake, let’s be natural.
Yours faithfully.
F. M. C.