Men Dislike Deformities

Published on Author Corset Manager

To the Editor, London Life.
Dear Sir,
For my own part, I have no hesitation in saying “No!” I like to see a woman as God ordained her to be, and not one of those silly creatures who are afraid of showing the figure Nature has given her. “Wasp-Waist” (a fascinating title) must be very vain to think that ninety per cent of her male brothers admire small waists. I am sure that no sensible man would want a lady to deform herself. She describes tight-lacing as a most agreeable sensation. I am at a loss to know where the pleasantness comes in, as medical men tell us that the ribs become deformed by being squeezed, and press on the lungs till they are diseased.
Sincerely yours,
J. W. V. H.