Happy When Tight-Laced

Published on Author Corset Manager

To the Editor, London Life.
Dear Sir,
“R. S.” of China need not be surprised that “The girl with the tiny waist showed no signs of distress.” Any girl with a slender plastic figure can be quite happy laced to 16 inches.
The whole secret is in commencing young enough, and always doing it. Tight lacing becomes pleasant and fascinating after a few months.
I have my corsets made 16 inches and sleep in them laced right in. Each morning I remove them for bathing, and immediately re-lace to 18 inches, gradually tightening them through the day until I again measure 16 inches by teatime.
I have three healthy children who occupy most of my time, but now and again “Hubby” and I have a night out dancing, which I adore, and then I lace to my absolute limit.
The extra inch and a half reduction takes me a week to achieve comfortably, and I gradually reduce my night and day measurement until by the last 24 hours I remain laced to 14 inches. Then, when I slip my dance frock on I release half-an-inch and thoroughly enjoy being laced to 14.5 inches and wearing 6-inch heels to my shoes.
With every good wish.
Primrose N. Long