Corset tortures sheer invention

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, – The plain facts regarding corset “tortures” were sheer inventions. I am a product of the last corseting period and can speak from experience. I had my first real corsets at ten years of age and was thereafter carefully trained.
I was put into night corsets at fifteen and can truthfully say that from then till my marriage at 23, I was continually under the domination of the corset. Even after marriage I allowed myself very little relaxation in corseting but I was never tortured.
My corsets were very efficient, certainly, but I was always in corsets—they were a necessity and I was for the most part unconscious of their presence. Only when a new pair were being set to my figure was there any sense of restraint and when this wore off, the only sensation I had was of pleasant support and let it be understood. I always used the laces as well as the clasps – I laced in.
I occasionally kicked over the traces in my teens and for this I was punished by being made to wear very stiff and long corsets laced as tightly as two people could pull them in. These kept me absolutely rigid and in addition on the hips of the corset broad more ribbon was stitched. These ribbons were passed through slots in my underwear and through my skirt. My arms were straight down by my sides and were secured there by ribbons.
Fastened thus and with my ankles tied together, I have been compelled to stand in a corner of the room from lunch-time till tea-time. This was decidedly unpleasant as the corsets were so very tight and rigid but I was being punished for my sins. In the ordinary way, however, although I was well laced in, my corseting was by no means “torture”.
No; the anti-tight-lacers are often either theorists who have never corseted and simply argue by the book or they wear loose corsets and try to go in several inches at once and find it uncomfortable – possibility they faint and when they come round and find their stay laces cut, they abjure the corset and buy a hook-up affair. Neither party is approaching the matter from the proper angle.
I maintain that even with grown-up girls in their early twenties. If they get proper corsets, snapped and fitted, wear them always together with a night corset, take the reductions as their figure accommodates itself to catch new corset, use the stay laces firmly and intelligently, and not disdain to accept a little help with the laces if such is available, they can in a year or eighteen months effect such a reduction in their waist size and a general improvement in their figure and at no cost to their comfort as they can scarcely realize.
Intelligent scientific corseting is an aid to comfort and the abuse of corseting what is termed “torture”.
Faithfully yours,