The return of the Corset

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Sir, – I don’t think there is any doubt whatever that the corset, as an article of, feminine wear, is returning to favor or that a certain amount of waist pinching is now going on. Quite young girls are taking seriously to the corset and are enquiring for a more waisted design, while many who are in the early twenties are finding that if they would wear also a corset which pinches in their waists.
Of the two, the younger girls are more fortunate, for their waists are the formation period and a good can be done to assist in making a neat figure. But be that as it may, there is on all sides a welcome return to an enhanced femininity.
I was recently staying with an elderly friend who when showing me my room drew special attention to the fact that she had caused corset hooks to be fixed in all her bedrooms because as she put it, “many of the young folks are beginning to use their stay laces and corset hooks are such a help to lacing in.”
I don’t think that any of the present generation will undergo the extremes of tight-lacing that was often endured a generation ago, although the average slim girl should be able to wear easily an 18 inches or 19 inches corset, although I suppose a 21 inches or 22 inches waist will satisfy very many.
I wonder if any of your readers who are interested in corseting could say whether a night corset, is of any real value in moderate figure training? I have occasionally heard of the practice. Also, is there any description in existence of the Australian – or is Austrian? – belt used many years ago? Can anyone give too, the figure sizes of the Gibson Girls, who had such small waists years ago?
I should be glad if I could have any light on any of these queries. I notice that while a quite low corset is worn for dress wear, a quite high-backed stay is used for less formal occasions. Quite a number of my acquaintances regularly wear these, as they give the straight-backed effect which sets off the Princess one of to-day.
Compared with, say, two years ago, today’s corset has many more bones in its make-up, although there are narrow whalebone strips which give shape and resiliency rather than that of being in a prison of steel. While the corset trade can rejoice, let us hope that we shall never be driven back to the old ironsides of a generation ago.
Yours truly,