The Hour Glass Vogue

Published on Author Corset Manager

To “The Dresser.”

Dear Madam. – I noted with interest your intimation, accompanied by a design on the Fashion page, of an attempt by the Paris modistes to re­introduce the hour-glass vogue. I recently returned from a visit to my sister who resides in St. Nazaire, and during my stay there I had many opportunities of visiting Paris. I saw at least half a dozen distinctly “waisted” toilettes, two being shown by ladies out for their morning stroll, and the others being evening creations as per your drawing in “London Life.”

The material used in each case was black satin, which, especially in the evening modes was very effective in emphasising the white skins of the wearers. I had the pleasure of being introduced to a young married lady who affected the new fashion, and noted details of her get up. She told me that she had never discarded her corsets during the corsetless period, and had even been laced in to a certain extent. And being naturally very slim she had little difficulty in tight lacing to a really small waist size for the latest vogue. Her small but plump bust was held well up by her high corsets, her gown starting immediately below with a white frill. From bust to hips her gown was positively skin tight, effectively revealing her 15 inch waist. Just below her hips a two inch belt ended the tight fitting of the gown, and then an extravagant fullness frilly, stiffened roses sewn on to the hem, which was quite 6 inches short of her knees. She wore black silk stockings with black satin shoes with heels 5 inches high. Orange and black garters brought a dash of colour to a most chic toilette.

Yours truly,