Experiences of Waist Training

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear Mr. Editor – I have only recently made the acquaintance of your charming little paper, but I must confess myself completely captivated by it. I thought it might interest you to know that fired by tiny waists and high heels of so many of your correspondents, I am just starting a course of tight-lacing on my own.
My first step of course was to buy a new corset. This made to my order, arrived this morning, and it is in black material with scarlet trimmings and laces. It is long, very stiff and of the old fashioned hour-glass shape.
With considerable excitement I donned it as soon as it arrived, but did not lace it in very tightly at first, contenting myself with drawing it closer and closer throughout the day. This evening I finally laced myself as tightly as I could. Thus, as I write this, I am laced in just over eight inches tighter than my corsets heretofore, and when I look in the glass, I find myself the possessor of an 18 inch hour-glass waist which pleases me, enormously.
Of course I must admit that the increasing tightness all day and the stiffness causes some little discomfort so that, to be honest, I cannot sit in any easy chair with any degree of comfort. Yet this is offset by my delight when I see my trim figure in the glass and a queer feeling of exhilaration at being to tightly laced and so trussed up.
I must add that the rest of my get-up as I write this by the fire side, is a boudoir cap of black and scarlet, a kimono of black silk lined with scarlet against, which my black stays sho up to great effect, black undies, black silk stockings tightly suspended, and black glace sandle shoes with 3 inch scarlet heels.
Where do your correspondents get 5 and 6 inch heeled shoes? I am longing to try them as I have always been fond of high heels, but so far have never found any higher than 3 inches which I habitually wear.
As it is I am chaffed for wearing 3 inch heels when walking in the country.
What will happen if I come out with 4 or 5 inch heels?
In conclusion let me say that though an 18 inch wait may not be a record, yet I think it is not bad for a first effort, particularly considering that this time yesterday my waist was an easy 26 inches.