Should men wear corsets

Published on Author Corset Manager

Dear sir – Although it must be several weeks before my letter can reach you, I feel I must send a reply to “Observer’s” letter in your issue of March 20th. My point is that there is a great difference between ordinary corsetting and the extreme tight lacing which he experienced. Indeed, I agree with him that men should not wear tight corsets, but I insist that ordinary ones such as are commonly worn by ladies nowadays are beneficial to men.
My normal waist measurement is 27 inches, and I can (and do on occasions) lace into 20 inches, though I seldom wear such tight corsets. For ordinary purposes I wear 24 inch stays during the day, and 23 inch in the evening.
“Observer” complains of the distress he suffered when deprived of his corsets. Well, when I go into camp with the Auxiliary Force here, I leave them behind, and during the ten days training I do not miss them at all. To begin with, the slight pressure caused by stays only 3 or 4 inches less than normal leaves me no undue craving when the body is deprived of their support; and in a couple of days “P.T.” and the strenuous exercise of manoeuvres and sport build a covering of muscle which takes the place of the discarded corsets.
This I, a devotee of corsets, can dispense with them when necessary; but when camp is over and I return to normal life, I gladly succumb to the comfort of being supported by my corsets, secure in the knowledge that I am not their slave.
I hope this will remove any doubts which “Observer’s” letter may have raised in the minds of those who are contemplating a step I do not regret, namely of joining the increasing number of men who wear corsets. Anything is harmful in excess, but moderation is the guide to comfort in this as in any other matter. So while she rules so gently, I am Queen Corset’s faithful subject.