Admires Wasp Waists

Published on Author Corset Manager

Sir, – Did I see a devotee of Victorian fashions in Farringdon street the other day? A girl wearing a blue coat, fur-trimmed at collar and cuffs, obviously extremely laced.
As “Victorian” once wrote in your paper, her walk gave it away. Also the “hang” of her coat at the waist.
I followed her from Farringdon Street for a while and studied her figure until she was lost to sight.
As an admirer of tight lacers and a friend of one or two, I would give something to see this girl wearing a tight frock and would wager that her waist is not above fifteen inches.
Best wishes for the success of your little journal, and may I congratulate your fashion artist, Enid Stanton on her occasional “wasp” sketches.
Yours faithfully,