About Tight-Lacing - This website is about tight-lacing of corsets.
A Lover of Freedom - Dear Sir, – I have been amused with the different letters you have published on the above-mentioned subject. So may I send you my opinion?Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable than to have anything at all tight. Another thing, if girls love tennis etc., as I do, they could not go and enjoy a game … Continue reading A Lover of Freedom
Do Men Admire Small Waists? - Dear Sir, – Your correspondents who advocate tight lacing cannot be taken seriously. If so they must have a poor opinion of the usual common-sense, everyday man. No doubt a small waist sets off a costume, but as an accelerator of better health, that is all rubbish. Why do our physicians and doctors continually point … Continue reading Do Men Admire Small Waists?
Tortures of Tight Waist Training - Dear Mr. Editor, – Correspondents in your splendid paper are continuously advocating a return to Victorian fashions and the hour-glass waist.While I admire a trim figure and keep one myself, I cannot think that anyone would voluntarily suffer as we used to prior to 1914 in our endeavour to keep an 18 inch waist, or … Continue reading Tortures of Tight Waist Training
The Toilet of a Victorian Venus - Dear Sir, – Vanity and excessive devotion to fashion are two of the charges levelled at the head of the modern girl. I contend that the Victorian Miss could have given points to her modern sister in both respects.I send you an extract from a letter written to me by a highly fashionable lady, thirty … Continue reading The Toilet of a Victorian Venus
Happy When Tight-Laced - To the Editor, London Life.Dear Sir,“R. S.” of China need not be surprised that “The girl with the tiny waist showed no signs of distress.” Any girl with a slender plastic figure can be quite happy laced to 16 inches.The whole secret is in commencing young enough, and always doing it. Tight lacing becomes pleasant … Continue reading Happy When Tight-Laced
The Blessings of Modern Dress - Dear Sir,- As a regular reader of “London Life” I should like to air one or two opinions regarding various correspondence which appear in your pages from time to time relating to the fashions of the fair sex.It appears that there are many people still existent in these enlightened times who would deprive the modern … Continue reading The Blessings of Modern Dress
Dressing for a Girl’s Party - Dear Sir, – In a recent number you asked your correspondents to be a little novel in the New Year, so perhaps a short account of a novel party we had about Christmas time may be of interest to you.To begin with there were to be only girls there, as we felt that gave us … Continue reading Dressing for a Girl’s Party
High Heeled Hilda - The heels are high on Hilda’s shoes.She always knows which sort to chooseTo show her small and dainty feet,When tripping lightly down the street. From childhood’s days she’s had idealsTo wear the very highest heels –The ones which make it hard to walk,But make the other women talk. Her mother’s helped her great desire,Every year … Continue reading High Heeled Hilda
Miss Hildago - Dear Sir, – I do hope you don’t think I write too often, but your correspondence columns contain so much that is interesting that I am always feeling that I must butt in. Now what about “F. M. C.” who condemns the wearing of corsets? “Let’s be natural,” she says, yet to carry this to … Continue reading Miss Hildago
The Small-Waisted Paris Creation - Dear Sir, – I was very interested to see in your issue of Dec. 11th, a drawing on the fashion page a new small-waisted Paris creation in black satin. Since seeing it my friend wore a similar dress at a fancy dance recently. She wished to wear something different from the usual dance frock and … Continue reading The Small-Waisted Paris Creation