About Tight-Lacing - This website is about tight-lacing of corsets.
Should men wear corsets - Dear sir – Although it must be several weeks before my letter can reach you, I feel I must send a reply to “Observer’s” letter in your issue of March 20th. My point is that there is a great difference between ordinary corsetting and the extreme tight lacing which he experienced. Indeed, I agree with … Continue reading Should men wear corsets
Figure culture through corsets - Dear Sir – Your correspondent in to-day’s issue of “London Life” starts off with “in this corset less age” but surely this is not meant literally. Perhaps, a future age is meant for a judge by appearances and certainly by the columns of your correspondence section, figure training by the non-athletic has by no means … Continue reading Figure culture through corsets
Corsetting in the bad old days - Dear Sir – One of your correspondents asks for information in respect of punishment corsets and I am tempted to write to you again, having had some experience in these matters.In the early years of the nineteenth century great efforts were made with regards to the reduction of growing girls’ waists and to the grace … Continue reading Corsetting in the bad old days
Corset tortures sheer invention - Dear Sir, – The plain facts regarding corset “tortures” were sheer inventions. I am a product of the last corseting period and can speak from experience. I had my first real corsets at ten years of age and was thereafter carefully trained.I was put into night corsets at fifteen and can truthfully say that from … Continue reading Corset tortures sheer invention
The return of the Corset - Dear Sir, – I don’t think there is any doubt whatever that the corset, as an article of, feminine wear, is returning to favor or that a certain amount of waist pinching is now going on. Quite young girls are taking seriously to the corset and are enquiring for a more waisted design, while many … Continue reading The return of the Corset
Corsets, instruments of torture - Dear Mr. Editor,Part 15 of Everywoman’s Encyclopaedia,” published before the war, has some interesting things to say about Corsets and Tight Lacing, amongst which are the following:-“The normal girl is not ready for the corsetiere before she is fifteen, and then, no matter how large and clumsy her waist, it can be gradually but surely … Continue reading Corsets, instruments of torture
Modern girls’s view on corsets - Dear Mr. Editor,I’m a modern girl, and would like to have my own views heard on the corset question. What really gets me going is not what has been published in your paper on lacing, I’ve sometimes thought the writers must be leg pulling; but a conversation I overheard recently. I was in a railway … Continue reading Modern girls’s view on corsets
Tight-Lacing tames a Tomboy - Dear Editor, – As a little girl I was always tight-laced, since I can remember. Because I was such a tom-boy mother put me into stays very early to keep me from romping around with the boys. When I behaved very badly she would lace me at the tightest and when I ran around too … Continue reading Tight-Lacing tames a Tomboy
Girls, cultivate a waist - Dear Sir, -Like your correspondent “E. L.” I too am a typist and I also go in for tight fitting corsets. Until a year ago for the office I always wore straight up-and-down frocks which hid my trim little 17 inch waist. One day, however, my employer caught sight of me with my hand resting … Continue reading Girls, cultivate a waist
Once a tight-lacer always a tight-lacer - Dear Sir, -“Once a tight-lacer, always a tight-lacer” was the very true remark of a correspondent recently. “Just for fun” my friend persuaded me to allow her to tighten my corsets on evening. Her mother flattered my vanity (I was 28 at the time), by assuring me that with my curves, my figure was positively … Continue reading Once a tight-lacer always a tight-lacer